I am a Winnipeg-based artist and my interest in history and nature have inspired my recent work in mixed media and installation. I grew up in Winnipeg, but I have spent a lot of time in rural Northumberland, England. I graduated with my BFA from the University of Manitoba in 2010.

I view the majority of my work as a form of self portrait: a constant layering of the objects, creatures and places that fascinate me in an attempt to order my thoughts and obsessions. It is an attempt to to reconcile the historical with the contemporary, ornamentation with nature, and preservation with decay.

I am fascinated with old collections and cabinets of curiosities, and I frequently reference them in my work. I am drawn to mixed media and installation art because they are updated versions of the 'chamber of wonders', refurbishing a tradition dating back to the Renaissance and returning it to contemporary arenas. 

The layering of objects and the obsessive repetition of motifs allows me to make different connections either visually or symbolically within the work. The process requires time and dedication, and it allows me to explore the beauty of forgotten or 'worthless' objects.



I am also one of the featured artists at Gallery Lacosse in Winnipeg.